Traffic Violations That Raise Your Insurance Premium

There is a variety of different things that can affect the rates you get for your car insurance quotes. One such factor is the tickets you do, or don’t have on your driving record. Even if you have a current car insurance policy certain tickets can affect the rate of your current car insurance premium. In fact, certain tickets may even get you dropped from your car insurance policy. On one level, all tickets affect you car insurance premium, but some are more damaging than others. The fact is, if your driving statistics are bad you are more likely to file a car insurance claim. This means you are a bigger risk to the insurance industry.

Tickets that Affect your Insurance

While every car insurance company is different in how they asses traffic violations, some tickets tend to be more problematic than others when it comes to the rate of your insurance premium. A ticket for speeding may seem like a minor incident to you as a driver, but to the insurance industry this indicates a lack of responsibility on your part. Speeding tickets can cause a major increase to your car insurance premium. Just think of it this way the higher you go over the speed limit, the more your insurance rate is gonna increase if you get caught.

Buckling up your seat belt when you drive may seem like a minor thing, but it can save you huge in the long run. If you get caught driving without wearing a seat belt and you are ticketed for that infraction your insurance company is going to view you as a risk for claims because if you should get in accident it will likely cost them more money in medical expenses.  Make sure you and your passengers always buckle up to avoid this from happening.

A few less common traffic violations can also affect your car insurance premium. This would include things like failure to change lanes properly, not yielding to pedestrians, failure to yield to the right of way, not carrying your insurance card, or license with you. All of these things make the insurance company view you as reckless and irresponsible. To avoid this, just adhere to all traffic laws and drive with caution.

Minor Infractions That Can Raise your Insurance Premium

Parking tickets and violations won’t likely raise your insurance rates. That said, continually getting parking violations may signal irresponsibility to your car insurance company and that may lead to a increased rate on your premium. In some cases you may not get an actual increase, but you may loose discounts you had in place for being a good driver.

Major Incidents That Affect your Insurance Premium

There is a variety of things you can do to send your insurance premium soaring. Naturally, this varies from state to state and company to company. Speeding excessively puts you at risk for not only getting a insurance rate increase, but you may also get dropped from your carrier for this. Excessive speeding is going 20 mph or more over the speed limit. Speeding in a school zone will also cost you whether you are 10 mph over the limit, or 50 mph over.

Failure to report an accident is not only a crime in most states, but it is also an infraction that will get you a hefty increase on your insurance plan. Driving with no insurance coverage and getting caught can make it difficult to get a decent rate when you go to get an insurance policy.

Criminal Behavior Tickets That Raise Insurance Premiums

Certain traffic violations won’t just earn you a traffic ticket, they are actually a crime and you can be arrested and lose your insurance over them. Driving while you are under the influence of drugs, or alcohol can result in hefty fines, lose of license and difficulty getting a reasonable insurance rate in the future. Illegal street racing will also result in both criminal and insurance repercussions.

If you lose your license  and you drive while your license is suspended you can really end up costing yourself on insurance premiums. This also goes for driving without a valid license. You will also have to pay fines and face further loss of your driving privileges.

Two other things that are illegal will cost you big on your insurance policy. Failure to obey police is one of those infractions because it shows a lack of care for authority and thus makes you look irresponsible. Another on that falls along the same lines is fleeing the scene of an accident.

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