Reasons You’ll Get Dropped From Your Car Insurance

To keep your car insurance quotes at a reasonable rate you need to keep the car insurance companies happy with you. Staying on the good side of your insurance company will ensure you get the rates you deserve on your car insurance premium and that you don’t get dropped from your policy. This is not all that difficult because car insurance is a contract between you and the car insurance company. You pay your premiums on time and drive safely and they agree to pay for the damages that occur when you are at fault for an accident. However, there are a number of things you can do that will prompt your auto insurance company to drop you. Once you are dropped from one insurance company getting a new insurance policy from another car insurance company can be an uphill battle. Let’s take a look at some of the things that may rub your car insurance provider the wrong way.


Lie On Your Insurance Application

Auto insurance companies ask a series of questions on the application they give potential policyholders. Those questions help them assess your insurability. This is how they determine the rate you pay for your car insurance premiums. Lying about your age, milage used, driving record, marital status, and even where you park your car at night can get your dropped from your policy if the insurance company finds out. This only results in wasted money for you because you will have paid into an insurance policy that is not valid.


Filing Fraudulent Claims

Filing claims for incidents that did not happen is the easiest way to get dropped from your car insurance company. Even padding your claims to cover injuries, or expenses that are not legitimate can be classified as insurance fraud.


Being a Bad Driver

Being a bad driver won’t make it very easy for you to keep your car insurance coverage. This is particularly true if your license becomes suspended, or revoked. That being said, even accumulating tickets can put you at odds with your car insurance company. Speeding tickets and moving violations are a big no no and if they don’t get you dropped from your insurance policy they will get your rates raised at the very least.


Committing Driving Crimes

Committing a driving related crime is a sure fire way to get dropped from the ranks of your insurance company. This would include you getting caught driving while you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It would also include things like hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident.


Being Accident Prone

Your car insurance company won’t drop your coverage if you are involved in accidents and you are the victim of someone else’s negligence. However, if you get into multiple accidents and you are the person at fault for the accident that is a different story. In most states car insurance companies can drop a policyholder after they are responsible for more than one accident.


Being Physically Incapable of Operating a Vehicle

If you have a health condition that makes it difficult for you to safely operate your vehicle you may end up being dropped from your car insurance policy. The laws on this vary from state to state, but generally you must have a physician’s certificate attesting to the fact that you can safely operate a vehicle if you have certain health condition like epilepsy, narcolepsy, or even multiple heart attacks. Likewise, certain mental health conditions may also exclude you from driving without a certificate from a physician. If you lie about you health and ability to drive and your insurance company later discovers the truth you will likely be dropped from you insurance policy.


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